Character Creation



Step One: Character Concept

Choose concept, breed, auspice and tribe


Step two: Select Attributes

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3)

Choose physical traits: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina

Choose Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance

Choose Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits


Step Three: Select Abilities

Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13,9,5)

Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges


Step Four: Select Advantages

Choose Backgrounds(5; restricted by tribe), Gifts(1 each from Breed, Auspice,and tribe), renown(by auspice)


Step Five: Finishing Touches

Record Rage(by Auspice), Gnosis(by Breed), Willpower(by Tribe), Rank(1)

Spend "Freebie Points" (15)


Freebie Points

Trait Cost
Attributes 5 per dot
Abilities 2 per dot
Backgrounds 1 per dot
Gifts 7 per dot (level one only)
Rage  1 per dot
Gnosis  2 per dot
Willpower   1 per dot