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Faerie Light


Primal Song

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Sense Fae


Ceridwen's Blood

Glib Tongue

Herb Call

Howl of the Banshee

Howl of the Unseen

Luck of the Irish

Sense Secrets

St  Herve's Folly

Warrior's Draught

Lleus Spears

Cairbre's Tongue

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Reshape Object

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Airitech Daughters

Balor's Gaze

Faerie Blood

Lore of the Land


Song of the Dire

Warp Spasm

Call of Hunt

Earth Heal

Gift of the Spriggan





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Earth Sense (Fianna Rank 1)

The Garou can feel the "aura" of an area and determine if it is healthy or blighted. For a brief instant, the user of the Gift becomes so attuned to the land immediately around her that she can sense the pain of Wyrm-taint, the sickness of pollution or the robust energy of an unspoiled piece of wilderness. In some instances, the source of an area's pain - or the reason for its health – may reveal itself to the Garou through the use of this Gift.

System: The players spends a point of Gnosis. While no roll is necessary, the character must concentrate on the target area for several minutes of game time before receiving any information about its condition. The amount of information that is revealed is left to the Storyteller and can vary from vague feelings ("The land doesn't feel well, as if it has been poisoned.") to extremely specific facts

("There is an underground spring which channels Gnosis into topsoil, making the land productive and fertile.").

Taught by: Eshtarra

Book: RatH

Faerie Light (Fianna Rank 1)

With this Gift, a Fianna can create a wisp of ghostly light, usually white, green, or faint blue in color. She can direct the glow to move, but the light isn't strong enough to illuminate more than three feet around the Garou. Some Fianna like to use this Gift to make their eyes flash green or blue. Ragabash love to create tricks with Faerie Light. This Gift is taught by marsh spirits and faeries.

System: The Garou rolls Wits + Enigmas against a difficulty of 6. The light appears anywhere the Fianna chooses, as long as it is within line of sight. It may float slowly at about 10 yards per turn. The Gift lasts for one turn per success, unless a Gnosis point is spent, in which case the Faerie Light remains in effect for an entire scene.

Persuasion (Fianna Rank 1)

This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others; his statements and arguments are imbued with meaning or credibility. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

System: The Garou rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 6). If successful, the difficulties of all Social rolls are reduced by one for the remainder of the scene.

Alternative Versions

From: Damien (Fianna Rank 1)

System: The Garou rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If successful, the difficulties of all Social rolls are reduced by one for each success for the remainder of the scene.

Primal Song (Fianna Rank 1)

The Fianna ingratiates himself with strangers by seeming to know all of their songs and dances. Having heard only a few hummed bars or having glimpsed at just a movement or two, the Garou can sing along or lead the dance. Skilled musicians can create new songs appropriate to the style of the culture in question. A Songbird-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: After learning this Gift, it starts automatically whenever the Fianna hears a song or sees a dance. He will know every word, note or step as if he'd created the piece himself. Whether or not he can entertain people still depends on the regular rules for Performance.

Taught by: Songbird-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

Resist Toxin (Fianna Rank 1)

The Fianna have long engaged themselves in the concoction of a variety of recreational liquids, many of them distilled from deadly substances. They very quickly learned how to adapt - in the interests of continued partying, of course. With this Gift, the Garou takes no damage from poisons or diseases of any sort.

System: The Garou rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 6). Success nullifies the effects of most conventional poisons, and adds three dice to the Garou's Stamina for purposes of resisting Wyrm-enchanced poisons. The effect lasts for the scene..

Sense Fae (Fianna Rank 1)

As the Fianna have acclimated themselves to their new surroundings, they have also created relations with the fae of the New World. This Gift allows the Fianna to detect fae beings. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: No roll is required, but the Fianna must concentrate for one round, during which he may take no other action. The player must roll Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). The Garou can detect fae nature at a distance of five meters per success. This Gift does not guarantee a friendly reaction from any fae creatures that it reveals.

Taught by: Dream-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

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Brew (Fianna Rank 2)

The Fianna are renowned for their ability to drink liquor. Part of this legend stems from their ability to make it. With Brew, the Garou can mystically transform a pitcher of any liquid into an alcoholic substance. This Gift can surreptitiously inebriate unsuspecting targets. A Grain-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: After spending a Gnosis point, the player rolls Wits + Medicine (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines the quality and potency of the concoction. One success can create cheap, domestic beer, low-budget wine or mediocre tequila, while five successes can create a high quality imported beer, fine vintage champagne or a top-shelf liquor. A botch creates a brew that induces massive hangovers (-1 penalty for the entire next day).

Ceridwen's Blood (Fianna Rank 2)

Blood has a power within it. With this Gift, a Fianna can tap the life-force within her own blood to restore a fallen ally. However, by doing so, she must suffer the wounds she heals. This Gift is taught by spirits allied to Stag.

System: The Garou can heal an injured target by spilling her own blood (a small cut will do) and rolling Stamina + Medicine against a difficulty of 8. One wound level is healed per success. However, the Gift-user suffers a number of wounds equal to the amount healed - she cannot soak this damage. The Fianna can heal aggravated wounds by spending a Gnosis point, although she will only take non-aggravated wounds in exchange.

Drunkard's Luck (Fianna Rank 2)

In a drunken stupor, the Fianna walks away from fatal accidents and hazardous situations with the assistance of this Gift. Where a sober Garou would hesitate and take a mortal wound, the Fianna stumbles into the clear despite impaired reflexes. A Spirits-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Gift activates automatically when the Fianna consumes enough alcohol to render him drunk. In this stae, he loses three dice to all of his actions (more if he continues drinking), but he benefits from an amazing lucky sreak. The player can reroll any failed rolls involving defensive actions including Dodge and Stamina soak rolls. The Storyteller may also allow the character to avoid hazards that he could not normally detect, such as falling debirs or surprise attacks. When the effects of the alcohol wear off, the Gift deactivates. The Gift does nothing for hangovers.

Taught by: Spirits-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

Glib Tongue (Fianna Rank 2)

The Garou is mystically able to make whatever she says be what the target wants to hear. Whatever the Garou says, even gibberish, will be heartily agreed with, although the Garou won't have a clue what the target thinks she is saying. This Gift is taught by a Trickster spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Expression (difficulty of the victim's Wits + Alertness). The effects last for one turn per success.

Herb Call (Fianna Rank 2)

Through singing or chanting, a Garou can find helpful or medicinal plants, roots or bark even in poor areas such as deserts. Such plants might be healing herbs, substances used in rites or tubers and other plants that provide needed sustenance. The song causes the plants to resonate from the music so that the Garou can locate them by following the sounds.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Performance. A single success enables the character to locate the desired herbs or plants within a mile of her location. Additional successes increase the range by one mile per success. Failure means that the character cannot hear any plants, while a botch leads the character to harmful herbs or plants.

Taught by: Eshtarra

Book: RatH

Howl of the Banshee (Fianna Rank 2)

The Garou may emit a fearful howl that unnerves all in the vicinity. This Gift is taught by a Banshee, a woeful spirit of the dead.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point. All who hear the howl, friends or foes, must make Willpower roll (difficulty 8 for foes, 6 for friends) or run in terror for one turn per success.

Alternative Versions

From: WW:tDA (Fianna Rank 2)

The werewolf may throw back his head and unleash a long, ululating howl like the wail of hundred ghostly mourners. The howl can strike fear even into the heart of the undead, and peasants who hear it even from afar cross themselves - for surely such a noise is Death himself walking the valleys. This Gift is taught by a Banshee (or Bean Sidhe), a Death spirit whose task is to mourn and foretell.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 6). Anyone who hears the howl, friend or foe, must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8 if the Garou's foe, 6 if a friend) or flee in terror for one turn for every success on the werewolf's Charisma + Intimidation roll.

Howl of the Unseen (Fianna Rank 2)

The Fianna have strong ties to the Umbra. A member of the tribe with this Gift may howl in the Umbra or in the Realm and have her kenning echo on the other side of the Gauntlet. This Gift is taught by the spirits of animals that make loud noises but remain unseen, such as crickets and frogs.

System: The Garou must spend a Gnosis point to activate this Gift. He may speak or howl for a full turn, and his voice will be heard on both sides of the Gauntlet. The Storyteller is free to determine how much the Garou can say in one turn. Consider timing the player as he speaks for five seconds (if he speaks too fast and you can't understand what he says, then neither can anyone listening).

Luck of the Irish (Fianna Rank 2)

This Gift gives the Fianna a supernatural streak of luck. Mundane effects include finding four leaf clovers, bills lying on the sidewalk, plump sleeping rabbits waiting to be caught for supper and minor fortunate coincidences. This Gift is taught by a faerie spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point. She may then reroll any failed or botched roll. This Gift is usable only once per scene. Other minimal, although beneficial, effects may occur at the Storyteller's whim.

Sense Secrets (Fianna Rank 2)

Centuries of association with the fae people have taught the Fianna the nature of secrets. Things deliberately hidden, whether obscured by brush or dropped down a mineshaft, make their presence known to the Fiann. The Gift gives no indication as to the nature of a secret, only to its existence. A Squirrel-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 8). Every success improves the Fianna's sensitivity. One success detects cursory or slipshod concealment, such as tumbleweeds pulled across a cave's mouth; five successes detect the presence of the most painstaking obscurement, including hidden passage ways and the like.

Taught by: Squirrel-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

St Herve's Folly (Fianna Rank 2)

According to an old folktale, St Herve once preached to a wolf that had eaten the ox he used to plough with, and the wolf was so ashamed that he agreed to plough in the ox's place. If the Fianna didn't murder St. Herve for this, they wanted to. But they also learned a lession from it, and mischief-minded Fianna now use this carnivalesque Gift to create similar, though more pleasing, results. It convinces a leader of any sort that his status is incorrect and rather that he should serve those whom he rules. It can convince a town mayor to clean the shoes of a homeless person, or an alpha to bow to the will of his omega. The Gift is taught, unfortunately, by an ox spirit.

System: The Fianna must have a chance to lecture the ruler on why he is incorrect in his position. The player spends one point of Willpower and rolls Manipulation + Expression, difficulty 8. A simple success convinces him to engage in ridiculous acts of subservience to gross lessers. Each success after the first continues this effect for one day. Garou and other supernaturals may resist this Gift by spending one point of Willpower, although if the Fianna continues her lecture and spends another point of Willpower, the victim must continue to resist. Effectively it becomes a bidding war between the victim and the Fianna; whoever has the most Willpower wins.

Taught by: Ox spirits

Book: PG3e

Warrior's Draught (Fianna Rank 2)

By stirring a bit of his own blood into a jack of wine, beer, ale or mead, the Fianna transforms the drink into a potent elixir. Once quaffed, this potion drives the drinker into a beserk rage, lending him even more strength than usual during his fury. The Fianna often use this Gift when alone and making a desperate stand, but many Ragabash also use the draught to wreak havoc in the household of an enemy by serving it to their foe's loyal retainer.

This Gift is taught by a Boar-spirit

System: The Fianna spends a point of Gnosis as he mixes the draft. The eleixir remains potent for a day (the Fianna may increase the duration by one day for every extra Gnosis point he expends during mixing). Once drunk, the draught drives the drinker into a beserk frenzy - but for the duration of the frenzy, she gains an additional dot in Strength and Stamina.

Taught by: Boar spirits

Book: WW:tDA

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Cairbre's Tongue (Fianna Rank 3 - Songkeeper)

This Gift was used by the ancient songmaster Galliard Cairbre to show his people the corruption of Brea’s the Beautiful. By speaking our harshly against or satirize someone who is Wyrm-tainted, the possessor of this Gift will cause the Wyrm-taint to appear as splotches on his target's face, lowering the target's Appearance. This Gift is taught by faeries and Fianna ancestor spirits.

System: The Garou using this Gift must spend a Gnosis point, then roll Manipulation + Performance against a difficulty of the opponent's Willpower. If the roll succeeds, and the target is Wyrm-tainted, then she loses a point of Appearance for every success as incriminating blotches spread across her face and body. These marks last for a scene. If the roll fails, or the target is not Wyrm corrupted, nothing happens.

Faerie Gate (Fianna Rank 3)

The Fianna are known for their interactions with the Fae, and this Gift is one of the more beneficial outcomes of that interaction. The Garou who possesses this Gift may enter the Umbra from the Realm by passing three times around a feature of the landscape (a tree, a large rock, a pond, etc). The Fianna slowly fades from view and appears in the Penumbra.

System: No roll is required for this Gift - the Garou simply has to spend the time to travel around the feature three times (usually about 15 - 20 seconds). The Garou cannot spend Rage for extra action while using this Gift. Whether a feature is significant enough for the Garou to use it to make the Gate is up to the ST. The Fianna may bring others with them into the spirit realms by this Gift.

Taught by: Faerie

Book: Damien

Faerie Kin (Fianna Rank 3)

The Garou can call one of more faeries to aid her. The faeries are not under the Garou's control, though they are favourably disposed to the Garou (except on a botch - Gaia help the Garou who botches this one); what they do is entirely up to the Storyteller

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Occulty (difficulty 8). Each extra Gnosis point spent over the base amount increases the faerie's raw power, while extra successes increase the faerie's numbers.

Ley Lines (Fianna Rank 3)

By manipulating ley lines - part of an energy web that crisscrosses the planet - the Fianna can disorient world-be trackers or hunters. The victims of this Gift find themselves following false trails, making wrong turns or walking in circles. The user's trail simply disappears. The secrets of this Gift can be learned from an earth-spirit.

System: After spending a Gnosis point, the player rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 7). Any attempt to track the Garou must follow a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 8). This roll must exceed the Gift user's successes to be successful.

Lleu's Spear (Fianna Rank 3)

The name of this Gift derives from a tale of the Welsh, wherein Lleu Skillful Hand was nearly murdered by his rival Goronwy and sought retribution. Goronwy asks if gold or land will satisfy the debt, but Lleu claims that Goronwy must stand where he stood, and Lleu will throw a spear at him just as he had thrown his spear at Lleu - nothing else. Goronwy finally agrees to his fate, but asks if he can hold a stone between himself and the spear (for it was a woman who compelled him to attack Lleu). Lleu agrees - but it does Goronwy no good, for Lleu hurls the spear straight through the stone and right through his foe. So it is with this Gift. The Fianna may invest a spear with supernatural piercing power, striking with more strength and accuracy than one might expect from a mighty Crinos. Some say that a Fianna full of spirit could even stand at a castle's gates and put a spear clean through the wall crenellation and the man standing behind it.

This Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.

System: The Fianna concentrates with spear in hand for a full turn, makes a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), and spends a variable number of Gnosis points. Each Gnosis spent grants the Fianna two additional dice for the spear's throw; these dice may be split between the Dexterity + Athletics roll to his his target, to the damage roll (normally Strength + 2), or even spent to increase the spear's effective range (by twenty yards per dice assigned).

The Gift functions only on a spear's throw; it cannot be used to augment a blow made in melle, or any other missile attack. However, the spear need not be metal-tipped; this Gift proves very effective at placing a six-foot wooden stake through a vampire's black heart.

Taught by: Ancestor spirits

Book: WW:tDA

Oaksong (Fianna Rank 3)

By using this Gift, a Garou can communicate with inanimate objects made of wood or some other organic substance (ie: something that was once alive). The objects do not actually speak, but the Garou can sense their thoughts as images or sensations. For example, a wooden can might communicate that someone had used it for wilderness travel by filling the Garou's mind with sounds of a crashing waterfall, the musty odor of bear spoor and the image of crowded undergrowth and towering pines. A straight-backed wooden chair might allow the Garou to "see" the person who last occupied it and get a sense of the emotional state of that individual. With practice, a Garou can hold an entire wordless conversation with anything from a sturdy help rope or a mat made of woven reeds to a charred scrap of paper (made from wood pulp).

System: The user of the Gift must concentrate on what sort of information she wishes to obtain from the object as if she were asking a question. The sensations and images constitute the "answer". The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Each success allows the character to formulate one question and direct it to one item. Additional successes allow the character to ask more questions (on a one-for-one basis) or else ask the same question of different objects. No successes indicate a simple failure of the Gift, while a botch provides the Garou with false or garbled information.

Taught by: Eshtarra

Book: RatH

Reshape Object (Fianna Rank 3)

The Garou can instantly shape once-living material (but not undead!) into a variety of objects – thus trees may become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. The item will in some way resemble the object from which it was created (the spear is made of antler, not wood). This Gift is taught by a Weaver-spirit.

System: The Garou rolls Manipulation + Repair against a variable difficulty (5 to turn a broken tree limb into a spear, 8 to turn a plank into a floatable raft, etc). The created object is not necessarily permanent; it will last a length of time according to the chart below. Expending a Gnosis point allows a created weapon to inflict aggravated damage (this effect is not permanent unless a permanent Gnosis point is spent).

Successes Duration

One 5 minutes

Two 10 minutes

Three One Scene

Four One Story

Five Permanent

Sense the Unnatural (Fianna Rank 3 - Tuatha de Fionn)

The Tuatha de Fionn have long delved into magic and have gained the ability to sense its presence. The Garou can sense any unnatural presence and determine its approximate strength and type. Supernatural presences can include: magic, spirits, the Wyrm, wraiths, etc. This will detect vampires, but only those with Humanity scores below 7. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

System: The Garou rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 6). The more successes rolled, the more information is gained. However, understanding the information might require an Intelligence + Occult roll (Storyteller's option).

Woadling (Fianna Rank 3)

The ancient Celts would paint their skin with woad - the components of which caused a frenzy-like state - before marching off to battle. The Fianna carry on this tradition and take it even further. After painting the woad on their bodies, they can bring the paintings to life to harry an opponent. A stag-spirit can teach this Gift.

System: Each painting can create one woadling that costs one Gnosis point to animate. The Fianna can release only one woadling per turn. Each time the player creates a woadling, she should roll Dexterity + Occult (difficulty 6). Each success subtracts one die from her opponent's pool as the woadling dances and prances around the target. The woadlings vanish (and must be repainted) after the Gift ends.

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Airitech's Daughers (Fianna Rank 4)

Airitech, a creature of the Otherworld in Celtic lore, had three daughters who took on the shape of werewolves. In the end, they were slain. This Gift allows the Fianna to play the part of Airitech, by forcing the visage of a Crinos werewolf onto (at most) three humans. It doesn't make them stronger, or give them the instincts that Garou have, but they make fine decoys when being hunted by the Wyrm.

Like Airitech's Daughters, these werewolves exist to be murdered. The Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.

System: The player spends one point of Rage for each human he wants to turn into a werewolf, up to a maximum of three, before rolling Stamina + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). Each success will turn all humans affected by the Gift into werewolves for one hour. They do not receive any of the benefits of the Crinos form, do not cause Deirium, and are not protected by the Veil; the change is largely cosmetic. They may, however, receive a bonus to Intimidation rolls. This Gift does not work on anyone by moral humans, including Kinfolk, ghouls and sorcerers.

Taught by: Ancestor spirits

Book: PG3e

Balor's Gaze (Fianna Rank 4)

One of the Garou's eyes begins to glow a baleful red. Its stare is horrifying, causing wracking pain in any being who meets its glare and whose resolve falters. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis and one Rage point. He then rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 8). Thereafter, for the remainder of the scene, any foe at whom he so much as glances must equal or exceed the Garou's successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or double over in agony. Such a foe is treated as Crippled (-5 to actions) for the scene, even though the foe takes no actual wounds; foes who are already Crippled are effectively Incapacitated. If a foe successfully resists, she is immune for the duration.

Faerie Blood (Fianna Rank 4)

The Garou can temporarily transform his blood to that of the Fae. While this Gift has been invoked, the Fianna is effectively one of the Fae - they are immune to silver (although cold iron is as dangerous), any magic becomes much easier and trods open up to the Fianna as if they were Kin. Nearby Changelings may notice this alteration and the Garou may also notice them. On the downside, those creatures who prey on blood, such as vampires, may also notice (and be interested in) this change. This Gift is taught by Fae closely associated with the Fianna.

System: By spending a Gnosis point the Fianna undergoes this change. An Gnosis roll while the Gift is in effect is at a -1 difficulty and any Gift requiring Gnosis to activate it needs one less point. Silver is not inherently dangerous to the Fianna, but cold iron has many of the same effects. The Gift lasts for one scene.

Lore of the Land (Fianna Rank 4)

By eating, smoking or otherwise taking in a portion of the land, the Garou can sense things that happened in the immediate vicinity in the past. For instance, a Garou can mix dandelions from a meadow into a salad which she eats; as a result, she realises that a group of hunters passed through the meadow three months ago. By chewing on the bark from a tree, the Garou can learn that a surveyor for a corporation measured the land around the tree as part of a planned site for a new factory, or that someone buried a body beneath the tree.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 7). One success gives the character a piece of past information ("A group of men passed through here several weeks ago"). Additional successes either embellish the first piece of information ("The men wore security uniforms") or else provide new information about other events ("A battle took place here last year"). The information provided will be as pertinant as possible; the character actually learns the most important (to Garou standards) thing or things that happened within the area, most often information that the Garou can act on.

Taught by: Eshtarra

Book: RatH

Phantasm (Fianna Rank 4)

This Gift creates a static illusion with full visual, auditory and even tactile and olfactory components This Gift is taught by Trickster or Illusion spirits or even by faeries.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point for each 10-foot area to be covered by the illusio and rolls Intelligence + Expression (difficulty 6). All in the vicinity must match or exceed the number of successes with a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 6) or believe that the illusion is real.

Song of the Dire (Fianna Rank 4)

The Fianna sings a battle song to empower her comrades as she enters a fray. Driven by their packmate, the embattled Garou double their efforts to defeat the foe. The Black Spiral Dancers have learned to turn tail and flee upon hearing the lyrics of this dread Gift.

System: The player spends two Gnosis points and rolls Manipulation + Performance (difficulty 8). Each success adds one die to each of her packmates' Dice Pools; the number of successes cannot exceed the Fianna's Performance rating. The Garou must keep singing throughout the contest; to do so she must remain in Hispo form, spend two Gnosis points and allocate at least two dice for singing each round.

Troll's Bridge (Fianna Rank 4)

The Garou can set up a temporary fortress, built from the will of the Garou invoking the Gift. Despite the name, it does not have to be near a bridge, although a relatively enclosed area, such as in a gully or a thick grove of trees does help. The fortress must be created around the Garou and they cannot leave its confines. Enemies must direct all of their strength in order to break the barriers created and must each work individually.

System: The Garou spends a point of Willpower and rolls Wits + Repair (difficulty 6). The number of successes + the Willpower of the Garou is the Defensive Factor of the lair; the amount of Strength an intruder must possess in order to break through the magical barrier as per the Feat of Strength maneuver. Strengths may not be added up to defeat the barrier - each enemy must be alone. Each intruder that does break the wall lowers the Defensive Factor by one. The effect lasts as many hours as successes.

Warp Spasm (Fianna Rank 4)

Many tales of Cuchulain state he would glow in combat, radiating a great heat. At the end of a battle,women would dump water over his body to cool him down. This Gift causes the user to radiate a tremendous heat, igniting nearby flammable items and melting metal. The aura only works while the Fianna is in a berserk frenzy. At the end of the frenzy, the Fianna cools off. This Gift is taught by Fianna ancestor spirits.

System: The Garou spends one point of Rage to activate this Gift, after which she will automatically go into a Berserk Frenzy. All flammable material she touches bursts into flame. Her hand to hand attacks do two aggravated wounds of damage in addition to regular attack damage.

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Call of Hunt (Fianna Rank 5)

This Gift may only be used once per month, and there must be an overwhelming evil in the area. The Garou may call the Wild Hunt of Celtic mythology down from the sky to harry and slay the evil. This Gift is taught by the Huntsman himself.

System: The Garou must chant and concentrate for a full hour. Afterward, he spends on Gnosis pointand rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 8). The Huntsman and a single hound are always summoned; another hound will come for each extra Gnosis or Rage point expended. If the roll to summon is botched, if the threat is not deemed appropriate for the summons, or if the Garou fails to join in the Hunt, the Wild Hunt turns on the summoner.

Earth Heal (Fianna Rank 5)

This Gift allows the Garou to help a piece of land recover from blight, Wyrm-taint, poisioning or some other type of environmental disturbance. The Garou gives part of her essence to the damaged land and thus begins a process of renewal that spreads to encompass such details as purifying tainted soil, causing the growth of new plant life or purging signs of the Wyrm's corruption from the designated spot.

System: The player sacrifices a permanent point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 7 for naturally caused damage; difficulty 8 for Wyrm-taint). Each success contributes to the overall recovery of the designated piece of land; the rea can be as large as a few miles, but must constitute a single terrain feature (a lake, forest or mountain, for instance). One success makes minimal but significant improvements in the target area, while five successes results in the area's return (over time) to a state of unspoiled health and fertility. Although this is a potent Gift, it doesn't prevent the healed land from being polluted once more. Even so, offering up one's Gnosis to heal a portion of Gaia if often cause for significant rewards of Honor.

Taught by: Eshtarra

Book: RatH

Gift of the Spriggan (Fianna Rank 5)

The Garou may grow up to thee times her normal size or shrink to the size of a small puppy. This Gift is taught by faerie or a Chimerling.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The effects last one hour per success. When larger, the Garou gains +3 Strength and one extra Health Level for each 100% increase in size; when smaller, the Garou retains her normal Strength and abilities, but may sneak around unnoticed or pass as a "cute little doggie" among humans.

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