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Razor Claws

Resist Pain

Sigurd's Stride

Visage of Fenris

Halt the Coward's Flight

Power Surge

Sense Guilt (Hand of Tyr)

Shards of Icy Rage

Snarl of the Predator

Wearing the Bear Shirt

Alberich's Claws

Chill of Early Frost

Coup De Grace

Heimdall's Blade

Loki's Touch

Mark the Enemy

Might of Thor

Nerigal's call to arms

Venom Blood

Berserker's Song

Challenge of Single Combat

Curse of the Berserker


Journey Home

Scream of Gaia

Endurance of Heimdall

Fenris' Bite

Heart of the IceWarrior

Horde of Valhalla

Strength of the Einherjar

Call Great Fenris




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Battlesense (Get of Fenris Rank 1)

The Garou can sense the best direction from which to make an attack, taking into account the terrain of the battlefield, the numbers and placement of the enemy and the available forces at the Garou's command or allied with her.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and becomes aware of the tactical forces involved in an impending battle. The Storyteller informs the player of the numbers and placement of opposing forces. The player can then use this information to her character's advantage.

Taught by: Nerigal

Book: RatH

Razor Claws (Get of Fenris Rank 1)

The Garou may hone his claws to razor sharpness. This Gift is taught by a Cat or Wolf spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Rage point and takes a turn to scratch his talons over a hard surface, such as a stone. Claw attacks then do an additional die of damage for the remainder of the scene.

Resist Pain (Get of Fenris Rank 1)

Through force of will, the Garou is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally. This Gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.

System: The Garou, by spending one Willpower pint, may ignore all wound penalties for the duration of the scene.

Sigurd's Stride (Get of Fenris Rank 1)

When Odin imprisoned Brunhilde in a ring of fire, it was Sigurd who dared the fires and rescued her. Like Sigurd, Get of Fenris with this Gift need not fear flame. The Gift is taught by a fire spirit.

System: The Fenrir spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Primal Urge (difficulty 4). Each success provides an automatic level of soak against fire damage for the rest of the scene.

Taught by: Fire spirits

Book: PG3e

Visage of Fenris (Get of Fenris Rank 1)

The Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Only one success is necessary to affect non-Garou and Garou of equal or lower rank. To affect Garou of higher rank, the player must score a number of successes equal to twice the difference in Rank between the Garou and the target. Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble (-1 to all Social rolls). Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve necessary to fight such a monster (losing one from their initiative ratings). This Gift lasts for one scene.

Taught by: A wolf spirit

Book: WW3e

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Halt the Coward's Flight (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

The Garou may slow his fleeing foes, preventing them from escaping his wrath. THis Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.

System: The Garou spends one turn concentrating and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the foe's Willpower); if successful, the Garou may halve the speed of the individual for a scene.

Power Surge (Get of Fenris Rank 2 - The Glorious Fist of Wotan)

By speaking with the spirits of electricity, the Garou may cause a blackout over a wide-spread area. This Gift is taught by an electricity elemental.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Science (difficulty 7). The area blacked or browned out depends on the number of successes rolled. One success is a single circuit, two for an entire house or storey and so on.

Sense Guilt (Hand of Tyr) (Get of Fenris Rank 2 - Hand of Tyr)

The Hand of Tyr camp specialises in the use and misuse of this Gift. By staring into the eyes of another, the Garou can sense whether the target harbours guilt for some past offense. The most experienced Get can even get a feeling for what sort of crime transpired. Unfortunately, some Get have been known to take advantage of this Gift by "sensing" guilt where none exists or by blackmailing Garou after a successful reading. A crow-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: A successful Perception and Empathy roll (difficulty 8) reveals hidden guilty feelings. One success detects any sense of regret, whereas five successes reveals specific facts concerning the dirty issue.

Shards of Icy Rage (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

The Garou invoking this Gift calls on the cold power of her Rage, converting her anger into physical ice. This ice cuts as deep as any knife, and can be hurled at her enemies in place of a normal attack.

System: The players spends a point of Rage and rolls Wits + Primal Urge (difficulty 8). The number of successes equals the number of shards that form from the crystalised Rage, up to a limit of five shards. The player makes a seperate attack roll for each shard, and may direct them at more than one opponent.

Each shard does three dice of aggravated damage; the range is five yard for every dot of the Garou's strength.

The player may spend only one point of Rage each time the Gift is used; this prohibits spending Rage to gain extra actions in the same turn as invoking the shards. Although a character may use the Gift more than once in a scene, each successive use after the first adds +1 to the difficulty roll to activate the gift.

Taught by: Nerigal

Book: RatH

Snarl of the Predator (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

The Garou lets out a primal snarl, sending shivers up opponents' spines and cowing them into submission. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit

System: The Garou rolls Charisma + Intimidation (Difficulty of the opponents Wits +3). Each success subtracts one drom the number of dice the opponent can use next turn (the victim is cowed and overwhelmed). This Gift takes a full turn to invoke.

Troll Skin (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

With this Gift, a Garou can make her skin grow tough and thick, covered with warty knots of hard, armored flesh. This Gift is taught by an Earth Elemental.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). For each success, the Garou receives one extra die on her soak roll. This Gift does not protect against fire or silver, and lasts for one scene. However, when imbued with Troll Skin, the Garou is +1 difficulty on Social rolls due to the ugly skin and its accompanying smell.

Wearing the Bear Shirt (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

When a Garou with this gift frenzies, he will always enter a berserk frenzy, never a fox frenzy. This Gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.

System: No roll is required; once this Gift is learned, the effects are automatic. In addition, the Garou can make a Willpower roll to resist any Gifts, Disciplines, Arcanos or other powers that incite fear, even if a resistance roll is normally not allowed.

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Alberich's Claws (Get of Fenris Rank 3)

Alberich was a dwarven king who had his castle below the ground, carved out of the rock itself. Get of Fenris with this Gift could well have been amongst the builders of that palace, for their claws can slice directly through stone, steel or any other inanimate material as if it were butter. It is taught by a mole spirit or earth elemental.

System: The player spends one point of Rage. If the Fenrir's next attack is performed with natural weaponry and strikes an inanimate object, it ausomatically does an extra ten levels of damage.

Taught by: Mole or earth elementals

Book: PG3e

Chill of Early Frost (Get of Fenris Rank 3 - Ymir's Sweat)

The Garou invokes the spirits of winter in a great ritual, summoning biting winds that whistle and shriek through the area. The chill is as much mystical as it is physical, sent from the domain of great Wendigo himself.

System: The Garou chants for an hour and spends one Gnosis point. She then rolls Intelligence +

Occult against a difficulty depending on the temperature (4 if it is already winter, 6 on a 20C spring day, 9 in the midst of a summer heat wave). Success drops the temperature in a five-mile radius to below freezing (or even further if it was already winter). Anyone without a natural fur coating subtract two from all Dice Pools and may suffer damage from the bitter cold. The effect lasts for one hour per success.

Coup De Grace (Get of Fenris Rank 3 - Fangs of Garm)

The Garou studies her foe, seeking the best place to land a blow, then sets herself up to deliver a devastating attack the following turn. This Gift is taught by an Owl spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Willpower point and rolls Perception + Medicine (difficulty of the target's Stamina + Dodge). If successful, the Garou doubles the damage dice on her next blow, assuming it hits.

Heimdall's Blade (Get of Fenris Rank 3)

This Gift turns ordinary items into spiritual manifestations of the Garou's Rage. With this Gift, even a barstool becomes a deadly weapon. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Rage point and grasps her improvised weapon. Until the scene ends or until the Get drops it, the item has the same statistics as a cavalry sabre (difficulty 6, damage Strength +4).

Taught by: Ancestor-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

Loki's Touch (Get of Fenris Rank 3 - Get of Fenris Ragabash (Rotagar))

This Gift is rare among the Get of Fenris, but the Rotagar often find it necessary to cool the rages of their comrades. With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of  laughter or simply to have a better sense of humor. This Gift is taught by any Trickster spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel).

System: The Garou must touch an opponent and roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equal to the Rage plus the Rank of the target; maximum difficulty of 10). The fits of laughter will last for one round per success, during which time target may not take any offensive action, although he may defend himself if attacked.

Mark the Enemy (Get of Fenris Rank 3 - Swords of Heimdall)

A specialised power developed by the Swords of Heimdall, this Gift marks the target with a mystical brand that only this Gift's users can see. The Swords use this brand to label their enemies so that all other Swords can see the threat. An avatar of Fenris himself teaches his children to identify their enemies thus.

System: By laying her hand on the target and successfully rolling Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 8), the Get can mark her enemy. Other Swords who know the Gift can see the mark with a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 8). Any Garou who knows the Gift can remove the effect.

Might of Thor (Get of Fenris Rank 3)

The Garou can immensely increase his strength, wreaking terrible havov on opponents. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Rage point. He then rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). The Garou may double his Strength for one turn per success, after which he will be as weak as a kitten (Physical Attributes 1, half Willpower) until he rests for an hour.

Nerigal's call to arms (Get of Fenris Rank 3)

This Gift allowes the Garou to summone to her side any creatures of spirits allied to Nerigal or appropriate to the Ice Warrior. These beings, whether Nerigal's spirit warriors or predatory animals, fight alongside the Garou for the duration of an entire battle.

System: The Garou spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Leadership, difficulty 8. One success summons one of two creatures; additional successes increase the number of creatures or spirits that answer the summons. Thus, two successes bring up to five respondents, three successes summon up to ten creatures, four successes results in up to 15 beings while five successes brings everything within a five-mile radius of the character. Those creatures summoned serve as an army under the character's command for an entire scene. Of course, if there are no wild predators or War-spirits of Nerigal within range, the Gift fails.

Taught by: Nerigal

Book: RatH

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Venom Blood (Get of Fenris Rank 3)

The Garou may change her blood to a black, viscous bile capabale of harming anyone who comes into contact with it. This Gift is taught by any poisonous spirit (Snake, Spider, etc).

System: The Garou spends on Rage point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 7). Anything that contacts the Garou's blood takes one die of aggravated damage per success. This effect lasts for the duration of the scene.

Berserker's Song (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

The Get can sing himself into a controlled Frenzy. He can ignore wounds, shift to Crinos immediately, and he is immune to many mental Gifts of Charms. In this state, unlike normal frenzy, the Get can pull out of the frenzy at any time. An angryWolverine-spirit or bear-spirit teaches this Gift to the Get.

System: The Garou spends two Rage points and begins singing his particular song of Rage (many young Get prefer "death metal"). The number of successes on a Stamina + Expression (or Performance) roll (difficulty 6) equals the number of rounds the frenzy lasts. She can drop the frenzy earlier by spending a Willpower point.

Alternative Versions

From: PG3e (Get of Fenris Rank 2)

This fearsome battle song is in a language that has yet to be recognised - it's certainly not Nordic, any Germanic language, nor Garou. Yet it is potent, for it both channels and increases Rage in the warrior who sings it. Some younger Fenrir have begun experimenting with the tune and discovered that the lyrics can be sung in any method - so long as they maintain the lyrics, they can sing it in more modern styles (which outrages some Elder Get). An ancestor spirit teaches this Gift, but cannot explain its origins.

System: After spending two Rage points, the player rolls Stamina + Expression or Performance, whichever is higher, against difficulty 6. For a number of rounds equal to the successes gained, the Get automatically frenzies, shifting immediately to Crinos, and gaining immunity to mind influencing powers. However, he can pull out of Frenzy immediately and may use simple weapons like swords or bludgeons. If the Garou is stopped from singing, somehow, the effect automatically ends.

Challenge of Single Combat (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

By invoking the name of the Ice Warrior and issuing a direct challenge to an enemy, the Garou can force her opponent to fight one-on-one according to the tacity rules of fair play. The opponent can launch no surprise attacks, employ dirty tricks or accept extra help from comrades or pack mates. However, the Garou using this Gift accepts the same restrictions - neither combatant can break off from the fight until one participant either concedes victory to the other or dies.

System: After the character has issued the challenge, the player spends a point of Rage and rolls

Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty of the target's Willpower). A single success forces the target to forego any unfair tactics and meet the Garou in single combat as described above. No successes means the Gift fails while a botch inspires the target to launch an immediate attack - usually with the help of the opponent's friends.

Taught by: Nerigal

Book: RatH

Curse of the Berserker (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

Although the tribe is known for its ferocity, this Gift allows a Get to throw off her frenzy and retain control. This Gift comes with a price, however, as the Garou must choose another to suffer. That victim then endures the Get's frenzy instead. A Woverine-spirit or an Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls her Willpower in a resisted action versus her target's Willpower when a frenzy is imminent (difficulty for each equals the opponent's Willpower). The loser of the resisted action enters a frenzy and the victor remains in contol of his wits.

Taught by: Wolverine-spirit or Ancestor-spirit

Book: Wild West Companion

Hero's Stand (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

The Garou plants herself on a patch of ground and channels the very force of Gaia through her body, essentially becoming one with the earth. She may not retreat or even move from her chosen "turf" (and no force on Earth can make her), but she gains many powers thereby. Only when all foes are defeated may she retreat or leave. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental.

System: The Garou rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). Each success grants her one extra die to all her Dice Pools. Additionally, she may not be surprised, and all attacks against her are considered frontal. Any supernatural attempts to make her leave must obtain twice as many successes as the Garou did on the Willpower roll.

Iron-Can't-Bite (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

By carving the "iron-can't-bite" rune into her flesh, the Fenrir can make herself invincible against the iron and steel weapons of her foes. Spears bounce off her hide and swords snap rather than cut into her. This Gift is taught by a War spirit.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and a Rage point; the rune-carving inflicts no actual damage. For the duration of the scene, the Fenrir takes no damage from attacks inflicted by ferrous metals, although wood, stone, silver, claws or teeth and other non-ferrous attack forms can wound her as normal.

Taught by: War spirits

Book: WW:tDA

Journey Home (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

No matter what the distance or what the circumstances, the Get can travel home as easily as he can reach into the Umbra.

System: The player spends all of his Gnosis (minimum of three points) and steps into the Umbra. When he steps out of the Umbra, he emerges at the place he considers home.

Book: Wild West Companion

Scream of Gaia (Get of Fenris Rank 4)

The Garou may leap into the midst of his foes and issue a terrible howl from the depths of his being, a scream of pain from Gaia Herself for all the ravages she has suffered. Foes are knocked off their feet and injured. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Rage (difficulty 6). Everyone in a radius of 10 feet per success is blasted back, knocked to the ground and suffers one die of damage per success as an earsplitting shockwave engulfs the area.

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Endurance of Heimdall (Get of Fenris Rank 5)

This powerful Gift grants the Garou great endurance and hardiness for a time. This Gift is taught by a Boar-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 6). If successful, the Garou's Stamina rating is doubled for the duration of the scene. This will aid Stamina and Soak rolls.

Fenris' Bite (Get of Fenris Rank 5)

The Garou's teeth become terribly sharp, and jaw success increases to an incredible degree, allowing the Garou to mangle limbs with a single bite or even chomp them clean off. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Fenris.

System: The Garou spends one Rage point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty of his opponent's Stamina + 3). The Garou's next bite, if it hits, will crush and mangle one of the opponent's limbs, inflicting one automatic Health Level of damage in addition to the normal bite damage. The target's limb is rendered useless for the scene (or much longer in the case of humans and other creatures without regenerative powers). If five or more successes are scored on the Strength + Medicine roll, the limb completel severed.

Heart of the IceWarrior (Get of Fenris Rank 5)

Usually used only in the most dire circumstance, this Gift renders the Garou impervious to damage long enough to deliver a final blow to her opponent. The extertion causes the Garou to collapse, mortally wounded. Unless healed immediately, the Garou dies, having given her all in battle.

System: No roll is necessary to invoke the Gift, but the player must spend a point of Rage. The character may not dodge when invoking this Gift, but no damage levied against the Garou will impair her in any way until her attack lands - lightning strikes won't blow her back, and blades can't sever her limbs.

The character makes her next attack at +4 to her attack dice pool. The player may reroll any 1s rolled on this attack - they simply to not count. In addition, any damage rolls gain four extra dice. After delivering her attack, the character falls to Incapacitated. Unless somehow mystically healed by another using Mother's Touch or a similar Gift or fetish (regeneration isn't an option) within the same turn, the character dies at the end of the turn.

Taught by: Nerigal

Book: RatH

Horde of Valhalla (Get of Fenris Rank 5)

The Garou must be in good standing with his totem (have displayed exemplary courage) and may only use this Gift in the most dire circumstances, as he is asking aid from Fenris himself. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Fenris.

System: The Garou rolls Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 6). If successful, a number of spirit wolves from Valhalla emerge from the Umbra to do battle with the Garou's foes - one wolf for every point of Gnosis or Rage spent by the Garou. These wolves are identical to those of the Wild Hunt. The wolves will return to Valhalla at the end of the scene.

Strength of the Einherjar (Get of Fenris Rank 5)

This Gift allows a Get to call upon his greatest ancestors, the heroes of Valhalla, the Einherjar, for assistance. It is only used in dire situations, when the lives of more than one Garou are endangered. Calling on the strength of the Einherjar allows a Get to increase his Attributes substantially for a limited time. The Einherjar come to the aid of a Get only in times of great peril, and punish any Getwho attempts to call on them without need. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

System: Only Get with at least one dot in the Past Life Background may learn this Gift. The Get spends on Rage point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 10); she may subtract one from the difficulty for every dot she has in Past Life. During the casting of this Gift, she must carve the specific runes of her ancestors into her flesh. For each success, she may add one dot to any Attribute, or distribute the dots to different Attributes. If the Storyteller believes this Gift has been used inappropriately, the Einherjar will still give assistance, but then turn on their descendant, permanently removing a number of Attribute dots equal to those they granted. They will show no mercy.

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Call Great Fenris (Get of Fenris Rank 6)

The Get may summon a spirit avatar of Fenris Wolf. The avatar will assist in combat, slaying all who are not Get of Fenris or under their protection. There is always a sacrifice demanded in return, traditionally the right hand of the summoner. Once Fenris has claimed the hand, it does not regenerate. If there is not a good reason for calling the avatar, or the summoner will be devoured whole. This gift is taught by a wolf spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 6). The summoner permanently loses one Health Level as his right hand is bitten off by Fenris in return for daring to summon him. See the sidebar for the Fenris avatar's Traits. The Spirit Avatar of Fenris Wolf The avatar of Great Fenris appears as an enormous wolf, 10 feet tall at the shoulder. His eyes burn with rage and his jaws drip with the blood of countless enemies. His fur is brown with red and and black markings. The avatar of Fenris can run at up to 100 miles per hour, and never seems to tire. Willpower 10, Rage 10, Gnosis 8, Power 75 Charms: Airt Sense, Materialize (Power cost 40; Strength 10, Dexterity 7, Stamina 10, Brawl 5, Dodge 3, Claws: Str + 3, Fangs: Str + 4, Health 15), Reform, Tracking.

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