River Caern



The Caern is situated at an old abandon military base. Above ground in 3 corners is The Nature center <Wild>.. The Caerns school <Weaver> and the Brownstone apartment buildings <Wyrm> .....

Each has an access point that will lead you through many reinforced tunnels that twist and turn and remind one much of a labyrinth. You will inevitably find these within the walls.

Main Garden area centered in the silo: A lush underground garden that is alive with trees and plants and grass curtains of ivy hang from the walls obscuring the fact you 100ft below Entry points the Apts, center, and school sign on board.

**There is now a mural of all the creatures that dwell here. Unicorn takes up another wall

The Security Office:

The Kitchen:

The Med-Bay:

The Gym:

Alpha's Office:

Beta's Office:

Philidoxes Office:

Eldar Jay's Office:

Sleeping Quarters:




Caern Heart:

Hot Springs:

Truth-Catchers Office: 

Various Empty rooms and dead ends are also found. Also verious underground burrows are also dug within the ground.


Immediately across the Gauntlet from reality is a domain that mirrors reality closely, called the Penumbra. Though it is not possible to "see" reality from the Penumbra, major landmarks such as large buildings, old trees, or topographic features have visible variants in the Penumbra. Each videre has its own version of the Penumbra, but these versions have some passing interaction due to their proximity to one another. Kuei-jin call it the Mirror Lands. These Penumbrae are the starting points of the Four Worlds, the four aspects of the terrestrial Umbra. NOTE: Wraiths do not reside within the Near Penumbra. Wraiths exist in the Dark Penumbra (the Penumbra of the Low Umbra) called the Shadowlands.


Astral Penumbra

The Astral Penumbra is a mirror image of the Periphery, but is cloaked by auras and littered with symbols and riddles. These symbols relate to their counterparts in the Periphery, and are not usually organized or structures, leading the Astral Penumbra to be confusing as a whole, but highly relevant to reality in specific cases.


Spiritual Penumbra

The Spiritual Penumbra in the West depicts the world as it is seen with respect to the powers of the Triat. Areas of Stasis are wrapped with the Weaver's webs, Dynamic areas of untouched wilds pulse with the lifeforce of the Wyld, and regions of Entropic corruption appear decayed and filthy from the touch of the Wyrm. Because it depicts the Periphery through the lens of this interplay, the Spiritual Penumbra visually resembles the Periphery the least of the Penumbrae.

In the East, the Penumbra is instead informed by the conflict between Yin and Yang, as the two energies interact. There does not appear to be the agency seen in the West in this region of the Spiritual Penumbra (Yin and Yang do not have personifications) - it is simply accepted that this is how the spirit world functions.



The Restless call their version of the real world the Shadowlands. This gloomy realm, though physically similar to the Skinlands, lacks the vitality of the living world. Chilling and barren, the Shadowlands mirror the material world from a twisted yet often morbidly beautiful perspective.

The stillborn twin of the lands of living, the Shadowlands correspond exactly to the Skinlands in terms of geography. Anywhere the living go the dead go as well, and only the metaphysical Shroud separates the two. Theoretically, a wraith could walk from Canton, Ohio to Canton, China without ever leaving the Shadowlands. A wraith standing in Times Square in the Shadowlands is, in a sense, standing in Times Square in the Skinlands, and runs the risk of being trampled by mortals who don’t see him and rush right through his position.

Everything mortals can see, wraiths can witness as well. They watch TV in mortals’ living rooms, attend meetings, and witness deaths. However, wraiths can see what the living cannot – the patterns of death and life in everything living. People and things that are very close to death are marked by it, and wraiths can perceive this. Still, even the most Oblivion tainted among the living appears healthier and more vital than the lands beyond the Shroud, which are gray and somber with rotting majesty.

Everything that exists in the Skinlands exists in the Shadowlands, more or less. The more emotion an object or a place inspired in the living lands, the more concretely it appears in the Deadlands, and buildings long gone in the Skinlands still rise on the other side of the Shroud. At once beautiful and terrible, the landscape of the Shadowlands is constructed of memories draped like cobwebs over those places, which yet stand in living lands.

Although barriers and hazards are quite real and irreducibly solid to wraiths in the Shadowlands, things in the Skinlands are less so. Without the use of Arcanos, ghosts cannot even open a door or touch a living loved one’s face. Walls may initially pen a wraith into a room as they would any living thing, but by expending a minimum of Corpus they can pass through them with little effort. A wraith may be able to reach out to a paperweight or a pencil, but without the use of her Arcanoi she cannot touch it. It is only the Shadowland echoes of these things, once they are destroyed, that a wraith can affect directly. The Shadowlands epitomize the tragedy of the Restless; the living world exists for them, but they do not exist for it.


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