Founder and Ops Page.


Founder Lisa:
I formed Darkshadows after playing in several lex games. I wanted to create an adult game that was unique. For better of worse the Darkshadows Universe is unique. We play both  Masked and an unmasked game.

I was a rookie founder when I first registered Darkshadows on Dalnet on June 21st 2002. As the game grew up so did I. DS was my birthday gift to myself. Over the years I think about the thousands of players that have come and gone from our game. Though I cannot remember each of them now they have all had an impact on myself and the game.

I discovered gaming when I was going through a very hard time in my mid thirties it has become a creative outlet for myself. As we revamped the Vampire game (no pun intended). I found how much people were still interested in role playing and how much it meant to me to have this game.

I am not saying it has not been a struggle it has. At times I have cried over this game and have had my heart broken by events surrounding the players. The players have created a living breathing creature we now call Darkshadows, and I am grateful.


Found Op

Mark: Mark has been with me since the inception of the game. Over the years I have watched him grew and he has made me very proud to call him friend. (Known Characters: Malcom a host of others)

Mike: Mike has been with DS since shortly after we opened the shifter game. He is a valued friend and a voice of reason for both the players and the ops. (known characters: Jay, Daniel, Erde, Keltan and a host of others.)

Sara: Sara has been with DS for a very long time. Though at times she and I see things differently we manage to work them out. Sara is know as the players op. (Known Characters: Kaitana, Violet, Shara and many more) Sara is a shifters op.

Ralph: What can I say about Ralph, he is a shifter op that is not afraid to voice his opinion. Well like by both players and ops he is a valuable member of our shifters team. (Known characters. Draka, Damon, Marten, Sam The guard, and Baldir, and a few more.)

Rick: Rick is not one to mix words. A good man that has been with DS for many years and has earned his position by demonstrating a good knowledge of the rules and for being fair with both players and other ops. (known characters Rachel and Laurie.)

Jenn: Jenn is a half op that has been with us for a number of years. She has a deep understanding of the spirit of the game and keeps things lively. (Known Characters: Alina, April, and Rebecca, she also has a many more)

Steve: Our newest op in vamp. He is a fair minded man with a vast knowledge of American history that uses in game. (known characters: Barnabus Collins)