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The Elysium

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Oh Mortal if you have reached this floor you are doomed. Here is where the power lays and where the terror begins. This is the vampires Elysium and you are on the menu. As you step onto the second floor from the private security door the entire feel of the place changes. You instinctively look down and see that there is no carpet there is no wood you seem to be floating over the gathering crowd below. Twenty four inches of safety glass shields you from falling to the first floor. The lights are kept low up here for a reason. The ceiling of the club below is a one way mirror.

Here is where we separate you from your current existence dear mortal you are now in grave danger do you even know it?  Who was it that called your table and gave you the pass code for the door? Was it the beautiful woman perched on the chair in the corner or the grotesque little man in the back reading a dusty leather bound volume.

What is that smell? It smells like old leather maybe a bit musty. You turn to leave and punch in your password and it fails Oh dear human you are trapped among the living dead. Feel that pulse in your throat begin to pound your breathing is quickening. Yes that is fear you feel now as an elegant man rises and walks towards you. He is gaunt and pale yet oddly attractive. You want to flee but he crooks his finger at you and your feet seem glued to the floor. You feel compelled to move to him and he leads you away. Maybe into a dark paneled room with one entrance and exit, or maybe to an inside stair way that leads to the library. 

It does not matter you are on the menu and your life as you knew it has ended. Be it by death or something much darker much more sinister. You can scream if you like but no one will come and no one below can hear you. You feel like you are a piece of meat. Oh dear mortal you are. He walks to you and suddenly he is behind you. His cold skin pressing against the warm flesh of your neck. Then you feel his fangs and the world goes dark.      

As for the mortal they are no more. Either ghouled or embraced. But we shall not worry about the poor mortal any longer shall we. They are but cattle a herd to be culled every now and again. We are what matters. We are the top of the food chain. Their blood sustains us they fear feeds us and their weak minds are for us to control. This is our Elysium were we are kings and queens of world. Immortals we are and with powers they could never dream of. Our prince our leader here has allowed us a space to be kindred to speak of kindred things to show our powers and our abilities we are gods to the herd below. Some of even manipulate them for sport. OOC Notes: There is no blood served here there is no bar on the second floor only blood wyne is served:

Shall we continue our journey now that you have joined the ranks of the World of Darkness.

The Third floor is only accessible by an inside stairway. This is not the stairway to Heaven most likely the opposite. On this floor you will find clan offices and meetings spaces as well as our library. Oh yes inductee we have a library we are creatures of the night yet we keep our history well. We ascend to the offices via a grand glass staircase each step is quite large with a titanium bar threw it to give support. Each stair is lit in a faint glow. You enter a world unlike below this stratus this is a lavishly appointed area around this floor is a long hall and a large room in the center rich wood panel high arches and doors so many doors each door has a symbol of a clan on it. Do not go in unless you are invited little one. Many of these rooms have wards that will hurt you unless you are invited in. 

Now little one that you have seen the third floor let us travel upstairs to where the real seat of power is. The court and the princes throne room under the rotunda. When the prince is in court his throne is in the court you will show our Prince the respect that you would show any royalty. You may not always agree with the prince but you will show the Prince respect or forfeit your life we do not play when it comes to our leadership do you understand little one.

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