The Rules


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1. Creation please follow the creation rules


3. Careful of metagaming. We know that it happens at times and it cannot be avoided however, excessive metagaming is a ban able offence.

3. GOD MODING (see rule 2)

4. Players of Multiple Characters. If one character knows something that does not mean all YOUR characters know that information.

5. IC flaming, thoughts do not belong in actions especially if they are hurtful to another character or player.     We do not need to know that your character thinks the Toreador Primo is a bitch. Unless you verbally says so.

6. OOC Behavior, this is an adult channel but there is no need to be crude just to be crude. This will not be tolerated.

7. Please keep your discussion of religion and politics to your private messages.

8. Arguing in ooc channel is not tolerated.  Remember the OOC room is a privilege not a requirement.

9. Rule lawyers, if a call is made that you do not agree with we will stop the scene to argue. There maybe a reason that the storyteller made that call with those specific rules. The first rule of our Cannon is there are no rules set in stone. The storyteller may have a specific reason for asking for a roll to be done differently.

10. We do provide an ooc channel we ask that you do not Idle in dice unless you are an op @ or a half op %.

11. Half ops can make calls if an full op is not available.